6 Jun

I´m loving myself out of cancer, and I eat delicious and nutricious food, which results in silent deadly farts. So I go equipped with a box of matches, to burn the smell off.

The science: methane carries the offensive sulphide molecules – striking a light burns it off.  There seems to be pretty general agreement that farts are better out, than in, although there´s the smell and the embarrassment.  

The etymology:     At the risk of damaging the “special relationship” between the UK and the USA, I´d like to point out that in in UK English, trump is a commonly known synonym for fart. But it never crossed the Atlantic. Maybe an outstanding example of “two countries divided by a common language”  to quote George Bernard Shaw.

If you think that  Trump fills the world with toxic gases, I invite you to strike a light, in the interests of clean air.  If I just make one person giggle, I´ll feel happy to have made a contribution to World environment day.  The world is full of loving, caring, intelligent  humans. We and mother nature deserve better.


clean air!

Strike a  light for trump

– let´s start laughing.

Poetry: Where eer ye be, Let yer wind gang free
(Sounds jist the job fir thee an me)
Whit a fuss at Rabbies pairty
Ower the sake o wan wee ferty.



living right by the sea

7 Mar

living right by the sea

Daily inspiration. And a novelty for me, to post direct from my phone.


haycocks by moonlight (2)

2 Feb

No prizes for guessing who did what.


haycocks by moonlight

2 Feb

haycocks by moonlight

Chus and I tried drawing (as you can see, he´s the artist) a scene from “The Grapes of Wrath”. We were supposed to be talking in English at the same time, but since we both go straight into the right side of the brain when drawing, this didn´t work so well!