Poised on the brink of the future

Today I´ve seen three people who, like me, are on their way to birthing their ideas in the world. Malvi makes wings for people: (http://hacedoradealas.blogspot.com.es/ – beautiful images, I´m working on the translation into English.) Txolo takes bikers on guided tours of Asturias (www.asturtarmactours.co.uk): and Cris, monster pianist and composer, is longing to get back to her own work after painting and decorating the new jazz and contemporary music school (www.meidinerz.es – and yes, it is called my dinners in spanglish). Hats off to all of us: we´re poised on the brink of our futures. Thank heavens I took time off from being down a tunnel with my own project to know this.


Above: personalised wings printed on silk, designed by Malvi – much more than just another garment!