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Please come and find me!

21 Nov
getting photos taken in the summer for when we´ve got that set ready

getting photos taken in the summer for when we´ve got that set ready

I´m writing this so that Charlie Bradshaw stumbles across it – if he ever looks at anything on the internet, which I doubt – because I´m crazy about him, and I want to explain to him what it´s like to be me. I want to emulate his painful honesty in describing internal processes, his detachment, his capacity to note what´s going on without being judgemental or taking precipitate action, but above all, the inarticulate kindness that is the basis of his being. I want to thank him for teaching me a bit more about how a man can be, and think; and reciprocate – because he finds women he likes mysterious, although he can describe brilliantly what it is to be inarticulate in front of her.
I don´t know what he´s going to make of me, I´ve lost count of how many irons I´ve got in the fire, but they include this blog, getting out my audiobook for adult learners for the piano, “Play it by Ear” which I am writing, reading and recording myself, working up a set list with a brilliant piper (the traditional instrument in Asturias), walking by the sea, daily, and most of all, enjoying being with friends and family, whether here or virtually. And that´s just today! You can see the difficulty I face in trying to define myself by who I am, rather than what I do!