Marcha para la Paz

The first Sunday in each month, walkers for peace get together in cities all over the Spanish speaking world and  – walk for peace.  About 10 – 12 km, do able for most people – and on routes which “symbolise”  the five continents from the capital of the province in which you find yourself. This sunday this route coincided with the “Camino Primitivo”, the route to Santiago from Oviedo in Asturias – absolutely beautiful.

a saturday morning that lasted all day

Maybe I should quickly re-title this blog “be careful what you wish for”.  I wrote my first post on a Friday: and then on Saturday morning packed in so many Saturday morning activities (a couple of hours writing in the library, a visit to the market before it shut, a glass of wine and reading El Pais in the cafe up the road) and then eating what I´d bought – sea urchins! Nuff said.  No wonder it was 7 before I went for a siesta.

love life in the slow lane

At last! I´m getting it out there – found a few minutes in my life (after lunch, listening to “cuando los elefantes sueñan con la música” on radio 3, radio nacional de españa) to celebrate how much I´m enjoying it.  Here in Gijón (Xixon) it´s sunny, as it has been for days – my washing is on the line – and in a minute I´m going to sunbathe on the roof. I´ve always loved a siesta, (dozing for ten minutes over a box of springs during my teabreak when I worked in Plesseys in Liverpool in the early 80s, wishing the NHS would reorganise the working day in the 90s) and right now I´m delighted by the synchronicity of having chosen Spanglish Rose as my blogname, because the radio is playing versions of “Las Aguas de Marzo” by Jobim. OK, it´s in Portuguese/English but in composing it Jobim used  words that didn´t have latin roots “It´s a stick, it´s a stone, it´s a sliver of glass” – and it´s wonderful what you learn listening to radio 3….and let´s pray for rain. It´s dry as a bone here, although mountainous Asturias has a reputation for being wet. all the best to all who read this – Rose