a musical advent calendar

Light the way, Asturias by Toli Morilla

There´s a stereotype about English punctuality here in Spain, with which I don´t conform. So I´m starting my musical Advent calendar on the 7th of December, and intend to share with you each day a convincing musical argument for why Gijón, Asturias, Spain is such a great place to be.

First off, Toli Morilla´s “Alluma´l to Camin” – I need a little help with the translation before I risk it here – one of his most deeply-felt songs about this beautiful land and the struggle of its people to survive.

Toli is one of the most influential singer-songwriters and interpreters of contemporary Asturian music.  He sings in the Asturian language and Spanish, and has Bob Dylan´s permission to sing translations in Asturian, as you will hear later.

Enjoy the Advent Calendar!