artist solidarity

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Built This City.”

I´m thinking of my friend Mabel, painter, illustrator, cartoonist and all-round excellent visual artist, who is in a group of artists, who meet weekly to dine and talk. They exhibit together, in community centres and libraries where they can´t sell, and each time I visit one of their exhibitions I´m amazed by the quality and variety of their work. I´m sure some of them can and do sell privately, in so far as anyone can, in Spain´s current economic climate. But for me, in their commitment to their work and their collective support for one another, they are world leaders.
This was what immediately sprang to mind in response to today´s prompt. But then something else happened, on the way up to listen to a jazz gig (free) in a favourite bar – another of the outstanding examples of a supportive community. I went into the foyer of a bank to get money out, and while I was doing that a middleaged woman came in, and deposited a filled bun (bocadillo) wrapped in cling film, on the waste paper box, and went out again. It took me a moment to put two and two together: obviously it was left for someone who was going to sleep in there.
I feel so glad and grateful to live in a city where people are like this.