Touch to sniff


Sorry – just kidding. Noone’s quite got there yet with this feature.
I´ve been making marmalade! This is worth an exclamation mark because it´s so untypical of me, as well as being out of season. I love bitter, chunky marmalade, but finding a jar in the shops that´s eco and bio and everything organic is difficult, and I´ve flinched at coughing up 4€ for a tiny jar (I´m in Spain). So imagine my delight when Isa pointed to a bitter clementine tree in the corner of her late father´s field, and said I could pick them if I liked. I did like. I had a look on the internet to get an idea, and then just did it any old how, using agar-agar to help it set (it hasn´t, but it´s not too runny to be spreadable) and demerara sugar (didn´t have estevia in the house).
When I lived in the country in Norfolk, I limited myself to three delicious things: elderflower cordial (no sweat at all), sloe vodka (ditto), and membrillo (quite a sweat, but worth it).
Now I can enjoy more intensely stirring, smelling, and tasting. Due process away from the laptop.

Author: spanglishrose

love my life in Gijón, Asturias, Spain, in the slow lane, but connected to the world through the marvel of technology

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