Blue Denim and me

On the eve of a trip to China I bought skinny stretch jeans, a minute before they go right out of fashion.  I coudn’t face buying distressed ones after throwing away the old pair for being too tatty. On the plane to Shanghai I see young people in stylish faded denim shirts and jeans: when I last went to China, 42 years ago, everyone was dressed in blue cotton.  Everyone. And I thought you saw more of the individual without makeup and fashion. On my return I wore nothing but jeans and jean jackets for twelve years straight.

I’m so excited about this visit: and some of my values haven’t changed a bit. Life is still too short for ironing, and I’m not going to ape poverty with £150 price tag.

¡Salud! Three wise women in my life

Cheers! ¡Salud!  One day recently I had dates, highlights in my diary, with three friends, each of whom inspires me with their courage and love. The first I saw was N, who is incredibly beautiful in every sense, and a man – woman – child – magnet: wherever she is, everyone is polarised in her direction. Deeply understanding of how people tick / twitch, and playing at life full on. The second, O, has a beautiful voice, and I only know her by this, as we met online in a course by the wonderful Jean Houston, thanks to which we´ve met, virtually, to ask trees to give us good advice, (amongst other things) thanks to skype. The third, M, is a young Brazilian woman with husband and two young boys, – here “Brazilian” is short-hand for all you can hope for from the stereotype: lovely, relaxed with herself and the world, wise, easy and amusing.
Each one of them is fulfilling their potential to the nth degree, even if you didn´t know the backstory to the above. N has muscular distrophy, and has just enjoyed her 38th birthday, tho´she wasn´t expected to reach 30. O has been knocked for six by Chronic Fatigue syndrome, to the extent that she hasn´t been able to do her physio programme of three mins exercise five days a week. And M is having chemo, and feels sick as a dog in the week after the treatment.
I want to salute them here “¡Salud!” because they give so much to life, in the face of extreme difficulties.