love life in the slow lane

At last! I´m getting it out there – found a few minutes in my life (after lunch, listening to “cuando los elefantes sueñan con la música” on radio 3, radio nacional de españa) to celebrate how much I´m enjoying it.  Here in Gijón (Xixon) it´s sunny, as it has been for days – my washing is on the line – and in a minute I´m going to sunbathe on the roof. I´ve always loved a siesta, (dozing for ten minutes over a box of springs during my teabreak when I worked in Plesseys in Liverpool in the early 80s, wishing the NHS would reorganise the working day in the 90s) and right now I´m delighted by the synchronicity of having chosen Spanglish Rose as my blogname, because the radio is playing versions of “Las Aguas de Marzo” by Jobim. OK, it´s in Portuguese/English but in composing it Jobim used  words that didn´t have latin roots “It´s a stick, it´s a stone, it´s a sliver of glass” – and it´s wonderful what you learn listening to radio 3….and let´s pray for rain. It´s dry as a bone here, although mountainous Asturias has a reputation for being wet. all the best to all who read this – Rose

Author: spanglishrose

love my life in Gijón, Asturias, Spain, in the slow lane, but connected to the world through the marvel of technology

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